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Patrick Friesen - The Shunning: The Play

Patrick Friesen - The Shunning: The Play

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  • Título Original: The Shunning: The Play
  • Autor: Patrick Friesen
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 06.05.2013
  • Género: Literatura y ficción
  • ISBN: 1897289553
  • El Tamaño De Archivo: 6.60MB
  • Hoja de: 69
  • Idioma del Ebooks: Español
  • Formato : PDF, EPUB

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The story of one man struggling to express his personal views within a society that demands conformity.Peter is trying to live a good life, a faithful life. When he begins to question the doctrine of his Mennonite church and his faith in general, he is ostracized from the community. A decree by the church forces his wife to abandon him if not in person, then in spirit. The strain of domestic and community pressures forces Peter deeper into isolation, but he still refuses to stop questioning. Integrating dance, text and tragedy, The Shunning blends movement and spoken word that will carry you through a sea of emotions.


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