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Rick Sapp - The Complete Bowhunting Journal

Rick Sapp - The Complete Bowhunting Journal

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  • Título Original: The Complete Bowhunting Journal
  • Autor: Rick Sapp
  • Editor: Woods N Water
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 16.05.2019
  • Género: Deporte
  • ISBN: 0976923319
  • El Tamaño De Archivo: 6.20MB
  • Hoja de: 198
  • Idioma del Ebooks: Español
  • Formato : PDF, EPUB

Rick Sapp con The Complete Bowhunting Journal Libros Gratis

Sapp knows that for consistent success in the field, bowmen need to be at one with their bow, arrow, and other equipment. In The Complete Bowhunting Journal, veteran author Rick Sapp, former editor of Archery World and author of several archery books, shares his expert tips on all aspects of bowhunting. Sapp writes about how to choose the right bow, measure your draw length correctly, tune your arrows, and much more. He shares his decades of experience to help you select the accessories that best suit your hunting needs and style, and he even covers the importance of eliminating yawing and minimizing wallowing and porpoising of your arrows in flight. With savvy hunting information from several experienced, avid bowhunters, Sapp shares their adventures with information to which all bowhunters can relate. The Complete Bowhunting Journal not only educates bowhunters of all levels of experience, but it also entertains with true-life adventures to remember! As part of the Save Our Heritage program, proceeds from every sale of this and future titles will go directly back into ATA and its non-profit entities: The Bowhunting Preservation Alliance and ArrowSport. This program helps to enhance or add archery in every community, prolong bowhunters' outdoor pursuits across our country, and expand the introduction of bowhunting and archery to young adults throughout our nation. As the CEO and President of the Archery Trade Association, Jay McAninch, said, "Bowhunting is like religion-once you've seen the "light," you want others to find that special sense of accomplishment and challenge that only bowhunting offers. The Bowhunting Preservation Alliance works to put archery into every community, invite every beginning archer to try bowhunting, and wants every bowhunter to find opportunities to hunt where they live. Your purchase of this book will help provide the means for us to spread the "good news" about archery and bowhunting and ensure that, long after you've left the woods, others will experience the adrenaline rush and genuine satisfaction shared by all who've hunted with stick and string. Thanks."


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