Spine Chillers: Empty Eyes Cómo Descargar Gratis el Libro ePub y PDF

Nancy Gray - Spine Chillers: Empty Eyes

Nancy Gray - Spine Chillers: Empty Eyes

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  • Título Original: Spine Chillers: Empty Eyes
  • Autor: Nancy Gray
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 24.07.2018
  • Género: eBooks en idiomas extranjeros
  • El Tamaño De Archivo: 4.10MB
  • Idioma del Ebooks: Español
  • Formato : PDF, EPUB

Nancy Gray con Libros Spine Chillers: Empty Eyes Gratis

“You will face a difficult task in the future. The card is reminding you that every person has a part of themselves they like to hide. Even when times are hard, you must not lose yourself.”Ian frowned as Mrs. Marcas read his fortune. The school Halloween carnival was supposed to be the highlight of Halloween, but something about the card he picked seemed ominous. As he headed for the storyteller, things quickly took a turn for the worst when the school bullies chased him into an abandoned house. Inside, the children with EMPTY EYES decided to make Ian their friend. A black living mass twisted and coiled in his chest and closed in on his heart. Time was ticking away with every infected beat, and if Ian didn’t act quickly he really would lose himself forever.


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