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MR. Bobby R. Wilson - Dr. M.l.k. Holiday

MR. Bobby R. Wilson - Dr. M.l.k. Holiday

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  • Título Original: Dr. M.l.k. Holiday
  • Autor: MR. Bobby R. Wilson
  • Editor: Independently published
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 15.05.2019
  • Género: Literatura y ficción
  • ISBN: 1798880202
  • El Tamaño De Archivo: 2.10MB
  • Hoja de: 54
  • Idioma del Ebooks: Español
  • Formato : PDF, EPUB

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This book is about the greatest civil right leader known today was born on January 15, 1929, Martin luther King Jr. at a young stage of his adolescent age of living, he enrolled into college to increase the lever of his education, and each degree he received, made him an intellectual human being human, expressing such knowledge of wisdom, understanding what is true, right and lasting. His practice of common sense and good judgement to earn his PH.D (Doctor of Philosophy) concerning theology the study of the nature of God through his religious belief, there were different kind of people of the black ethnicity, both men and women participating in such civil right movement, putting forward their effort to stop segregation and to increase the spread of equality by integrating all people of different ethnicity into this system of living call democracy. They met opposition during such movement. DR. Martin L. king Jr. was elected by these people as their spoke person and leader of such movement by utilizing his intellectual wisdom, causing people of all types to stop and listen, paying attention to the way he speaks, the sound of his voice roared like thunder, using words to be understood by those people with the most high level of education to those with no education at all, because he spoke assertively firm to stimulate his listeners' ears at the same time influencing their emotional concern by convincing the minds of people from different ethnicity, including white politicians and a couple of U.S. Presidents. Laws began to change toward the equality of all U.S. citizen. The civil right law was signed by thirty-six president of the United States, giving equal right to it black citizen. White women and gay people were considered a minority by this law and were giving more right then the black people. This was one great accomplishment for this great civil right leader; but he die by the bullet of an assassinate better known as racism, rumor of the street known as ghetto gossip has it that jealousy from a member of his organization played an important role in the assassination of Dr. Martin L. King Jr. ; because they couldn't denied his fame by a infidelity claim, somehow this accusation increased his popularity,more and more people began to protest against the unjust and inequality this country practiced against black people, and they too began to march for black people equality that when they decided to kill this great leader during the year of 1968, they assassinated him, causing some members of this movement to separate and go their way, one or two of them started an organization of their own in his memory. This country was so thankful of his ability to lead people, until some black celebrities influenced enough white politicians to create a national holiday in the memory of him known as Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Day. Each year during the first month of the year January most people of this nation celebrate his birthday as a national holiday, trying to keep his dream alive; but within the black ethnicity jealousy and mistrust spread quickly among us black folk, family members showed jealousy among each other, mothers, sisters and brothers envied the fact that he or she received a college degree with niece, nephew and cousin showing so much jealous toward this successful person's resident when they comes to visit, looking around his or her house with face full of frowns while rolling his or her eyes with a turned-up nose, then there are those jealous neighbors, so-called friends and co-workers showing jealousy toward his or her success as a human being. They created a drug known as Crack or Rock Co-cain and distributed it into the poor black neighborhood, demolishing these people effort to better themselves. This drug was highly addictive and it came at a cheap price, causing young attractive black ladies to drop out of college, and began to sell their bodies for the price of a Rock, sex became plentiful and cheaper


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