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Nathan Sowah - CONGRATULATIONS: You May Kiss The Bride

Nathan Sowah - CONGRATULATIONS: You May Kiss The Bride

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  • Título Original: CONGRATULATIONS: You May Kiss The Bride
  • Autor: Nathan Sowah
  • Editor: Crystal Jane Sowah
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 20.06.2010
  • Género: eBooks en idiomas extranjeros
  • El Tamaño De Archivo: 4.00MB
  • Idioma del Ebooks: Español
  • Formato : PDF, EPUB

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Falling in love is a uniquely joyous experience for many, but opening the heart and mind to another also brings with it a certain sense of self-discovery, joy, sometimes pain and heartache, and also sacrifice and compromise. Some aspects of love are easier to give than others. Sacrifice and compromise don’t come easy to many of us. However, through love, our spirits, our heart, and our minds grow beyond our wildest expectations. Is love always ‘happily ever after’? Not always, but nothing worth having doesn’t come without a risk or two to the heart.Disagreeing attitudes regarding world religions today are not only felt in religious environments, but by increasing numbers of couples coming together from different backgrounds, cultures and religious beliefs. Congratulations, You May Kiss the Bride tells the story of one such couple, coming together from different geographic regions, cultures, and attitudes and beliefs; when it comes to dating, relationships, marriage, and beyond.The novel offers a unique glimpse into the world of two young lovers who find themselves in such a situation, providing a compelling, often funny, and often bittersweet glimpse into the development of a burgeoning relationship challenged by a numerous obstacles, attitudes, and prevailing expectations when it comes to dating and relationships.Relationships often involve more than the two people in love, and such is true with Sheena and Jake's matrimonial journey. Expectations from all directions, including friends and family, provide unique challenges, disagreements, and necessary compromises that must be made in order to ensure acceptance, support, and love all around for this young couple desperately.